Making your arbor for your flap wheel head
Making the right arbor size for your spindles how to do it.

Making you arbor size to fit your spindle.

The universal flange will be a 3 piece flange, find the center piece and turn it around, you will see a pre-drilled center hole where you want to put your hole saw drill bit. This marks the center of the plastic hub piece.

Using a hole saw to drill you arbor size is the best way of getting a true size arbor hole, if you don't have a hole saw drill bit they are available at home depot or on the internet.

Once you have made your arbor hole in one center piece just do it again for the second center piece on the other side of the hub. Once you are done with the 2 arbor holes, put the Universal flange back together and mount it on each end of your hub with the set screws provided.

You are now ready to sand with you new flap wheel.

If you want to provide you with predrilled universal flanges for your arbor size,  please provide your arbor size in millimeter or inches at time of check out or respond to your order email and we will make the flap wheel ready for you.

Specials SAVE 30-70%

Specials SAVE 30-70%