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Easy Drying Racks
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finish drying racks
Easy Drying Racks
List Price: $999.00
Our Price: $799.00
Sale Price: $599.00
You save $400.00!

The "easy" drying racks comes with a center support that can be changed into two positions, so the distance between pins are 11" or 24". The picture below shows both settings. So you can set it up as one or the other. The "easy" drying rack system comes with plastic covered pins that are 19.6" long (500mm) a total of 14 pins on each side. The gab or clearance between the pins are 3.3". Max load per pair of bars are 50 lbs. Comes with big wheels for easy movement around the shop. Overall hight 66"

This drying rack system have been a best seller at QuickWood in Europe for years more then 2,000 of these drying racks are in operation today in England. So these racks have been tested well and priced to sell for any size shop.

The shipping is included in this price for a limited time. If you want to order multiples please call us 1-866-888-5858
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wood finish drying racks
Expandable Drying Racks
List Price: $1,200.00
Our Price: $999.00
Sale Price: $799.00
You save $401.00!

Finding great drying racks for your finish room is all your are missing, well with our model GFex300 you might have found what you are looking for. This drying rack expands and subtract to the size you need. Small size 6.5" max size 47" between the pins. There are 15 slots to put your part on. Each bar is 20" long so you have plenty of room to double up on parts as they dry. Each bar has a removable plastic sleeve for easy cleaning.

  • 15 Bars per upright
  • 20" long bars
  • Removable plastic sleeves on each bar
  • Working space between bars 3"
  • Max distance between bars 47"
  • Min distance between bars 6.5"
  • Wheel Diameter 5"
  • Over all height 71"
  • Max load 67lbs per pair of bars
Take a look at the images of our QuickWood drying racks and tell me if you have not found the perfect drying racks for your finishing room. If not take a look at the other models we are selling.
Please allow 7-10 days delivery time and all shipping of the drying racks in USA is included in the price.
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Specials SAVE 30-70%

Specials SAVE 30-70%