Replacement of flap wheel strips
Replacement of sanding strips in the flap wheel and how to use the flap wheel for best results

Instructions to replace strips

Replacement of abrasive and brush strips is easy.  Just follow these 3 steeps

1. Take off the top flange by removing the 2 set screws from the flange and you will have access to the hub.

2. Once your top flange is off, you can slide the abrasive strips out from the hub and remove them one by one.

3. Take you new strips and slide them into the hub one by one, remember to face the sandpaper in the right direction so the sandpaper will go the same direction all the way around. Make sure that you are putting the sandpaper in so the sandpaper is facing the way your spindle rotates and the sandpaper is facing the wood surface.

Sanding hours before replacing the sandpaper/brush strips

The brush is there to back up the abrasives while sanding and the abrasive is there to do the sanding job. Replacing sanding strips should be done when the sandpaper is worn out, this will normally be after sanding with the head for 500-1000 hours depending on sanding pressure. Sometime the sandpaper and brush last much longer than this.

When looking at the sanding strips the sandpaper is about 10mm longer than the brush, when the sandpaper is shorter than the brush its time to replace the sandpaper.

Right sanding speed for flap wheels

When using flap wheels the right sanding speed is between 200rpm to 800 rpm to get the right sanding, any faster and the sandpaper will break down to fast. If you can change the spindle speed with an inverter that would be the best. As you would normally want to sand with 400-800 rpm for white wood sanding. For sealer sanding the right sanding speed is normally 200-400 rpm.

Sanding with the right speed on your spindle is very important for the sandpaper and the brush strips to do its job. If the RPM's of your spindle are to fast it will not allow for the sanding wheels to do its job.
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Specials SAVE 30-70%