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Antiquing Wood
Antiquing Wood

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Now this tool has the right weight at 4 lbs it will work well with a drill. The head comes with a 1/2" drill pin coming out from the head, the head is 2" in width and it takes 3 twisted steel heavy duty rustic brushes. The weight of the tool is really important and this one feel good at 4 lbs. You can use this tool with a hand held drill and you can do 2" at a time for distressing. This will for sure be a top seller in the distressing market as its light weight but heavy duty distressing. Make the distressing as deep as you want or light as you want the pressure you put on this tool will make the product as you want .
  • Distressing Wood To Make It Look Old

  • And Weathered
  • This is a quick guide to use the QuickWood steel

  • brushes for distressing white wood (no stain or sealer on the wood).
  • This process can make new wood look old. It can also be used on
  • installed flooring or assembled furniture to make it weathered or to
  • look old.
  • First steep in the process of making wood look

  • old.

  • First you need to figure

  • out what type of wood your are working with
  • Hard Wood

    • Oak

    • Maple

    • Alder

    • Ash

    • Beech

    • Birch

    • Cherry

    • Chestnut

    • Elm

    • Hickory

    • Mahogany

    • Red Oak

    • Poplar

    • Walnut

  • For the Hard Wood use

  • the steel brushes here http://www.flap-wheels.com/category-s/70.htm

  • You can choose a 2”

  • head or 4” head depending on what you are doing.

  • Remember the steel

  • heads are fairly heavy so unless you are doing flooring I recommended
  • you stick with the 2” head.
  • We will start this guide talking about Hard Wood

  • Distressing

  • First you would get a

  • QuickWood head with steel brushes attached and use the 1/2” pin
  • that the head comes with and attach it to you power drill. When you
  • are ready to distress
  • wood make sure your work piece is secure as the steel brushes
  • will put some torque on the wood as you start removing wood.

  • Find the grain of the wood

  • and run the steel head with with the gain over the wood surface with
  • very slight downward pressure, make the RPM of the head do the work
  • not the pressure of the head.

  • Test the distressing first

  • in one area to see how much wood is being removed. To remove more
  • wood stay in the same spot longer, to remove less wood move the head
  • faster over the surface and don't let the steel brushes dig to deep
  • into the wood.

  • The result should be the

  • softer wood (summer) should be removed and the harder wood (winter)
  • should still be in place in lines that follow the grain in the length
  • of your work piece.

  • After successful

  • distressing its recommended to use a P180 grip flap wheel to clean up
  • the wood and make it ready for stain and sealer coat.

  • The p180 grit flap wheel

  • can also be used for sealer sanding or sanding in between coats of
  • laquer.

  • Here is the link for flap

  • wheel heads that will fit the same QuickWood head you steel brushes
  • are on.

  • 2” QuickWood head

  • http://www.flap-wheels.com/Flap-Sanding-Wheels-s/25.htm

  • 4” QuickWood head

  • http://www.flap-wheels.com/category-s/26.htm

  • After the work piece have

  • been cleaned with a p180 grip flap wheel its ready for stain or
  • sealer to be applied.

  • Use the p180 flap wheel for

  • sanding in between coats as the flap
  • wheels are flexible you will see how nice the tool works to clean
  • up the weathered parts and flat parts and makes it ready to final
  • coat.

  • This process described here

  • can be used on hard wood floors, beams, furniture, cabinets and
  • anything else made of hard wood that you want to distress.

  • If you have other questions

  • call our office for a helping hand. 1-866-888-5858

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